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have been working out with Ken for almost 6 years. Having played for Coach Jim Baglin at Mendham High School, I was no stranger to hard work on the court, but off the court, in the weight room was something I was unfamiliar with. I began working out with Ken the beginning of my senior year of high school and saw results almost instantly. The 2003-4 season was, personally, the best season of my career at Mendham. As co-captain I averaged 18 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists per game along with a 54% field goal percentage. I was a 1,000 point scorer, top 3 leading scorer in the county, made 1st team All-Iron Hills Conference and was a member of the Morris County Tournament All Tournament Team.

I attended Bucknell University in the fall of 2004 and continued to work out with Ken. I often disregarded the Bucknell Men’s Basketball summer program in order to train with Ken, not to be disrespectful, but “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Every year during fall workouts I was the strongest and most in-shape out of everyone on the team thanks to Ken. My senior year, I was named captain of the Bucknell Bison’s and upon graduation I played a season of professional basketball overseas in Argentina, South America. Along with rigorous training on the court, I prepared myself physically by training with Ken before leaving. Playing for Club Argentino de Marcos Juarez, I averaged 22 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists per game along with a 50% field goal percentage.

I am currently not playing basketball professionally, but I still get tips from Ken about working out. What makes Ken much more than an average trainer is not only his knowledge of how the body works or how to precisely train each muscle, but how it’s much more than training to him. Training everyone, not only athletes, is his passion and his life. You can ask any athlete Ken trains if they have seen him attend at least one match or game and I guarantee you that they will say yes. The relationships he builds don’t stop once your hour is done at his gym, but continue for years down the road. We grab a bite to eat just to chat about old times and of things to come. He is one of the most loyal, hard working and genuine people I know and I am glad to not only call him my trainer, but my friend. Thanks for everything Ken!Quotes

Robert Thomas Jr.
High School to Pro Athlete