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 QuotesI started working out with Ken when I was 12 years old. I was a tall lanky kid and weighed 100 pounds. One of the first things Ken taught me was that eating and consistency was key for progress. If I really wanted to get stronger and bigger, I needed to buckle down and get serious about my body. No more eating random crappy food or sleeping in till twelve in the afternoon. Ken taught me responsibility. I started training with my older brother twice a week without fail. The only time I missed a workout was if I was deathly sick or out of town. I didn?t make excuses and forced myself to get all my work done so I could go workout and better myself.

From then on, I followed Ken's training advice and grew accordingly. Keep in mind that this was no easy task for Ken. I have the frame of a twig but Ken was able to make me bigger and stronger. The first upper body workout I ever had I could only bench 30 pounds and could not do a single pull-up or dip.  A few months later, I was cranking out 70 lbs for reps and could do pull-ups and dips without assistance. On my first leg day, I was doing high box squats with 35 pounds on my back and only deadlifted 50 pounds. A few months later, I was free squatting 95 pounds and was deadlifting over 100. At first, I thought this progress was normal and that all kids worked out like I did. The older I got, I began to realize that my progress was far from ordinary it was astounding and made possible by Ken and his training methods.

One of the greatest things Ken ever did for me was introducing me to the sport of powerlifting. He himself, a very successful powerlifter and strongman athlete, was able to train me safely and effectively. With the help of Ken, I entered into the drug free USA Powerlifting league and by the age of 14, in the 135 pound weight class, squatted 180 lbs., benched 105 lbs., and deadlifted 250 lbs. By the age of 15, in the 165 weight class, I benched 135 lbs., squatted 235 lbs., and deadlifted 333 lbs.  At 16, I was in the 175 pound weight class and I squatted 425 lbs, benched 185 lbs, and deadlifted 425 lbs. In my senior year of high school, I went to the Pennsylvania State University meet and set my current personal records. In the 220 pound weight class, I squatted 501 lbs, benched 265 lbs, and deadlifted 535 lbs.  Overall, I won three gold and two silver medals. None of these great achievements would have been possible without Ken; he was there every step of the way and was always ready to go the extra mile for me.

With Ken's help, I went from being the epitome of a tall lanky kid to becoming a grown man (a large one at that) in only a few years. Currently 18 years old, I am 6?2? and 220 pounds. Having a trainer is not just for getting in shape, it is making a change in your life. It gives you confidence and a structure to have the desire and dedication that are necessary for reaching goals, be it in the gym or elsewhere in life. Working out with a trainer also gave me something I cherish even more than that, that of a lifelong friendship. I am blessed to have gotten to know Ken these past 6 years and plan on knowing him and seeking his advice for many years to come.


Noah Miller
College Student | Athlete