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QuotesKen is a perfect representation of the words “personal trainer.”  After playing collegiate lacrosse, I took a year off from working out and wanted to get back into shape.  I started working out with Ken and he completely understood what I wanted out of my workouts.  He customized the workouts to meet my needs and wants and was able to get me back into a toned shape after my year off.
Ken is so knowledgeable about how the body works and how to fuel it properly.  He educated me on food choices and eating habits.  Even though I had a nutritionist in college, I learned way more from Ken about my body and food.  He made sure that I always had perfect form and learned each exercise really well, so I could achieve the highest numbers.  We would work hard, especially with pull-ups, by the end I could do two sets of 12!  I never thought I’d be able to do that many, but Ken had a variety of techniques that strengthened my arms.

Every week, I looked forward to working out and going to Achieve because he also cares deeply about his clients.  He would always follow up on previous conversations and he made those personal connections with me.  He has a good outlook on life and I took his life advice seriously.  We have continued to stay in touch and I really appreciate his guidance and help both in and out of the gym.  Ken is a great trainer and mentor!Quotes