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QuotesI have used Ken as my personal trainer for nearly six years. I initially began to train with Ken when my daughter got engaged and I wanted to "shape up" for the wedding.  I so enjoyed training with him that what started out, in my mind, as a short-term program has turned into a long-term trainer/client relationship.

I have remained with Ken over the years for many reasons. First, he always maintains a level of professionalism, and he is always willing to modify a routine at any time to accommodate short-term changes in my physical abilities such as an injury sustained in a fall etc. Additionally, Ken is very good at determining the point at which the difficulty of a workout is ready to be elevated and does it in a fashion that is in keeping with my endurance. Also, Ken changes my workouts regularly to both keep things interesting and to assure that all of my muscles are equally worked.  I also appreciate his pleasant demeanor. Regardless of what might be happening in his life, he never lets it impact my workout. Finally, when my schedule interferes and a session needs to be cancelled, he is always very flexible in his attempt to reschedule me. I never, ever finish a training session without feeling much better for it, and happy that I trained with him. At my age, it is not uncommon to begin a slow but steady weight gain that impacts your lifestyle, health and looks. That has not happened to me. I feel strongly that training with Ken is an integral part of why it hasn't. I would not hesitate to recommend Ken as a personal trainer to anyone of any age.

Louetta Shioleno
Satisfied Mom | Client for 6 years